Wireless N vs. Powerline Ethernet

by blish - 3/23/09 6:23 AM

We currently have a Linksys G wireless router set up that resides in my wife's home office downstairs. The problem is that the connection to our family computer upstairs is sketchy at best, nonexistent at worst - so we're looking to upgrade. I'm not really up for snaking cable through the walls, so we're thinking either wireless N or Powerline.

I've read that the wireless N routers have a wider range and fewer dead spots - sounds like that might do the trick. On the other hand, for a little more money, the Powerline networking products would assure that the computer in the dead zone would have a connection, albeit a slower one.

I'm inclined to give the wireless N a shot, but I'm wondering if there are others who have experience with these products that could give some more insight.