2 wire 2701HG-G Gateway router

by rajkumarswami - 2/26/09 7:13 AM

Two computers, Vista Home & Win 2000 server, are connected (wireless) via "2wire 2701HG-G" dsl router. These two compuetrs are connecting to internet and are assigned internal IP addresses( & and can be seen on router setup pages.

Pinging from Vista to windows 2000 server times out until reverse ping(pinging from windows 2000 to Vista) is done. Since windows Remote Desktop is failing, a VNC software is used to RDC from Vista to Windows 2000. VNC works only after reverse ping is done. So every time the VNC connection is lost, reverse ping is needed to restore the VNC connection.

I need to get this small wireless network working.... Can some one advice here?