Vista: turn on file sharing on one network and disable rest?

by Coolarj10 - 1/6/09 3:26 PM

Hello! I've installed Hamachi - a software that lets my laptop here at my university think that it's a part of a local network with my computer back at home. This way, I can access files located on my desktop at home from here in college (and vice versa).

However: In the network and sharing center on Vista, I have Hamachi as a Private Network, and I want to keep the wireless connection I use for internet as "Public Network."

Actually more specifically, I just want it so that I restrict file sharing to only be allowed through my Hamachi local network, and disable file sharing on the network I use for wireless internet.

Is this possible? If so, how?

A VPN directly connecting to my computer at home is not possible right now, because my router back home doesn't support the Windows VPN's GRE protocol - so right now using Hamachi seems like my only option.

I want to keep file sharing on for hamachi (which I set to a private network) and keep it off for my internet connection (public network).

Note: Hamachi is set to private, so if I am not connected to any public network, then my Network and Sharing center automatically turns file sharing on. The second that I connect to a public network, it automatically shuts file sharing off.

I want to be able to file-share at home, but not file share (and be discoverable) with other people connecting to the public network here at my university!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!