Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter, EMTA notes.

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 1/24/07 12:18 PM

Those new cable modems called an EMTA or "Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter" had me learn a few new items so I'm sharing here so others can benefit. It's all of two items but something to add to the collective intelligence.

1. This EMTA http://broadband.motorola.com/catalog/productdetail.asp?ProductID=463 has a button just below the LED indicators that will take the modem on and offline. But they don't provide a manual with this product so you need to know what it does and that you may have to press it after 2 weeks of inactivity to get back online.

2. To share this internet connection you can do that with almost any cable/dsl router but in the areas I visited you have to CLONE the MAC ADDRESS of the machine that was connected into the router for the connection to work. Netgear's supplied CD and Wizard couldn't get connected until I manually changed the MAC address of the router to the machine that did work.

I'm sure other routers will require that MAC address change as well.

Here's hoping that this trivia will save a few people from waiting for "Cable guy."