24X7 Usage Hard drive(High write WorkLoad)..Which is Best..?

by SahilChopra1 - 3/18/13 9:50 PM

I want to add another Internal Hard drive which Should run 24X7 as I am a Heavy Torrent downloader...So my PC is ON Like forever , Downloading Various stuffs at high speed.

So I am Looking For Hard drive Which Can easily run 24X7 ( without noise)...bearing 24X7 write Load.
Please Specify the Product name with their official link page.

Adding to this, I have found Some hard drive based on 24X7 Usage.those are :-;

1)Seagate SV35 Series Hard Drive

2)WD RE4

3)Seagate Enterprise Value HDD / Seagate Constellation® CS

4)Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD / Seagate Constellation® ES.3


6)WD AV-25

Of the above 6, I found (1)Seagate Sv35 best one followed by (2)WD RE4

Please help me know that which one is the best according to my needs..ie high workload, 24X7 write Hard drive

If there is another hard disk, you think is best for torrents 24X7 usage.Please specify...

I think SSD are not made for high write loads...they can read faster...but their life is dependent on Write workloads...higher the write workload..lower will be their lifetime...Hence SSD are out of question

But what about SSHD(Solid state Hybrid drives)...are they good, abviously they boot faster than above mentioned six 7200rpm drives but i am looking for 24X7 high write work loads...are they capable enough to bear high write workloads unlike SSD

Thanks in advance------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Also Can Sata 3Gbps motherboard Supports Sata 6Gbps Hard drive ....??