External Hard Drive & Computer Lock UP

by Shea_H - 8/7/09 7:40 AM

I have 3 500g MiniMax external drives running on Windows XP Pro. Today, I had one begin to give me unusual trouble (the other 2 run fine). Some of the anomalies are as follows: 1) The problem drive when powered "on" locks up the computer. It prevents the computer from booting. When rebooting, the bios screen will run, but only a prompt shows when windows would normally boot. 2) When windows is already booted, if the drive is turned "on" the device manager recognizes the drive, but windows explorer does not. 3) After powering "on" as described in #2, if I then open any program (ie: internet explorer) that program will not run until I turn the power "off" on the drive, at which time all programs catch up and run fine. 4) When powering "off" the drive I notice that the drive appears for only a moment in windows explorer. 5) There are various other symptoms, but those are the biggies...other than not being able to retrieve the data.

I have tried various computers, power supplies, wall sockets, etc..but no luck. I am unable to access the drive in disc management to see if its healthy.