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Need a Hand with a graphics card problem

by Nevinr4 - 7/30/13 6:06 AM

So ill run you through the whole story. My brother nicked my desktop monitor when I was away so he could use it with his laptop, whose monitor is broken.

Once I take it back I reconnect it with the blue analog video cable he used without thinking. I later discover that this is connected to the integrated graphics card in my computer.

Previously my computer had been connected through a larger white analog video cable directly into the dedicated graphics card.

When I booted up with the blue cable connected originally the monitor brought up a black and white screen reading something about switching graphics cards and then brought me to the desktop screen where it asked me to install some drivers for a nvidia geforce 6150 le. I did and quickly realized that this was the integrated card and is incapable of running any video games.

Upon connecting the monitor back to the dedicated card I found the screen to be unresponsive and remains on the self test feature check screen. I haven't a breeze what my dedicated card is called nor can I find it in the device manager or anywhere else for that matter

I am running a rather old dell dimension C521.

Ask anything you feel you need to know and I will try my best to help
any help appreciated.