Resolved question

Computer has difficulty coming out of idle

by cmoborough - 3/27/13 7:47 PM

I have an alienware aurora for background and I haven't installed any hardware on it since purchasing.

This problem has a few angles I guess so I'll lay them all out here.

First if my computer idles (from sitting for too long) I have difficulty getting it going again. To get it going again I have to turn the monitor off and on this shows my screen for a second and then the screen goes black again. Eventually after repeating this 5 or so times moving the mouse around each time the screen will hold and not go black again.

Second the screen sometimes goes black briefly when i start a video game or if my video game is loading a level or something. I say briefly because it can be fixed with a monitor off then on.

Third, I was recently playing a game that requires a controller and the controller kept disconnecting and reconnecting. Each time this happened my computer would get a black screen similar to the second problem.

I think that's it but i might be forgetting something. As I type it out it feels like a video card thing but I am not sure. Let me know what you think! happy