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Gaming PC to play Sims 3

by kipperripper - 3/2/13 7:58 PM

Okay I'm currently in the market for a new gaming pc but I don't have the know-how or the willpower to build my own. I pretty much only play Sims 3 (with all the EP's & SP's I can get my hands on) and they have killed the pc I'm on now

I'm in Aus and have heard some great things about buying a pc from (and I know they also sell through ebay) as well as: These are the ones I like but I'm not sure on the... stuff (specs?) I need to run the sims.

if you could tell me the one with the system you recommend or what you recommend I replace in the system OR if you know something even better - Please let me know.

~ Mars B Intel I7 3770K Windows 7 Home Gaming PC 2tb 16gb DDR3 GTX 680 2gb ~

~ Intel Core i7 Desktop Computer Gaming PC 3770 2GB HD7850 16GB RAM 60GB SSD #1000840753 ~

or if you have any better suggestions? Just know that I do not/can not/will not build my own (I'm irritating that way)

Edit: My budget is... uh, $1800-ish otherwise my other option is Alienware... and I don't want to spend that kind of money if i dont have to.