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Cyberpowerpc is the worst to deal with!

by pillybilly - 2/28/13 8:31 PM

I purchased a desktop from them in February of 2013, when it arrived the insides were dent there was physical damage and when booted on the computer blue screened. I tried troubleshooting and even asked customer support for help, nothing worked. The computer froze constantly for no reason. The motherboard had errors dating back to 2011, which tells me they sent me something they knew was broken. The wireless card was also faulty. Now I am asking for a refund and they are asking me to pay shipping and handling to send it back and also are not going to refund the original shipping fees for sending it to me. This has been a nightmare for me and I am physically and mentally ill. I have put in over twenty hours of my time to try to fix this issue and Cyberpower does not care and will continue cheating future consumers.

Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do? I already contacted the BBB but the girl made it sound like it was going to be up to cyberpower to refund me completely. I am so angry and their customer service really is pure garbage they didnt even care that I told them it came with issues and the hardware (liquid cooling mesh area dented in) was broken.