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How is ? Looking to buy

by vroom144 - 3/27/12 12:52 AM

Thanks ahead of time for the help. I've been looking into buying a new gaming computer. Primarily to spice things up for the new WoW expansion and guild wars 2.

I browse mmo-champion quite a bit and and ironsde gaming seem to be coming up quite a bit. Both seem to have many people claiming that the computers and support are great. I've done my research into both but i'm not finding a lot for either companies

I did notice that iron gaming seems to have a lot of reviews that are almost the same. As in someone post a question and there is an identical word for word answer reply on different forums. No go in my book im gonna steer clear.

I called Elife PC and asked a few questions and they seemed pretty helpful and professional. Anyone have any person experiences at all or problems with the company?

Also what else would you guys suggest? I'm not a fan of alienware, I find their computers look almost childish, and digitalstorm/maingear seems a bit out of my price range. I'm somewhat impatient and honestly don't care to build my own. Would rather work a few more hours then have to research parts and assemble it.