To upgrade, or to re-build?

by Kazru - 2/11/12 10:00 PM

I built a computer with Ibuypower PC not long ago. I spent around 1000.00USD. To say the least I expected more in terms of performance, and am kinda dissapointed. I didn't research enough. I know how to build my own, and now i'm considering selling my current one and building my own. I also have thought perhaps I should just crossfire another video gpu, and add some RAM.

Current: AMD Phenom II x6 1100T CPU
Radeon 6950 2 GB x 1
4 GB of RAM

Theoretical: Intel I7-2700
GeForce GTX 560Ti x 2 (Sli)
16 GB of RAM

Clearly option 2 is going to be faster than my current build, and cost slightly more money. Would it be worth just adding another 6950 card in crossfire, and upgrade my RAM to my current system? Or just re-build? Any tips appreciated.