Build it yourself! Dont by a STEALTHMACHINE.

by ssmarine762 - 9/9/10 2:38 AM

I just made the worst investment of my life recently when I went against my better judgment and ordered a new pc from I was feeling really lazy because of a hectic work schedule and didn't want to put my own rig together. Long story short, after several weeks, a battle with the company, and lots of headaches, I ended up building my own rig anyways.

The company is owned and operated by one guy who is a hack. He sent me a computer with a faulty motherboard so it was obvious there was no 48 hour burn in process like claimed on the website. He refused to pay the 100 dollar refund bonus promised on their website. Also, the computer is literally exactly like one you would put together yourself with a cheap stealth bomber sticker slapped on it. They give you no benchmark stats or respawn disk like other gaming rig companies do. There is also no "constant updating" with the customer about the status of your order. Josef, the owner, never contacted me once about my computer during its build.

Only reason I did it is because of the high ratings this company has received. But I now believe the owner has fabricated many of these reviews like on

Most of you guys would never order from some POS company like this anyways; but if anyone is considering it, I would recommend against it strongly. Building your own rig will cost half the price and take a quarter of the time.