computer won't turn on/usb problem?

by jw55 - 1/25/09 5:49 PM

I have a Dell E510. About a month ago it failed to turn on. The light on the power button was blinking yellow and the internal light on the mother board was lit. I tried unplugging it and holding down the power button to drain off the residual power, but that didn't help. Eventually it had what I can only describe as a "burp" of power and then I was able to turn it on. Sometimes it would take hours before this would happen. After doing some research I tried unplugging all the usb devices and a few moments later it "burped" and I was able to turn it on. Now I'm unplugging everything before I turn it on, but it still takes a couple of minutes before it burps and allows me to turn it on. I've tried turning it on with various combinations of devices and ports plugged in. Sometimes it will turn on with only a few of the devices unplugged, but I can't pin down any particular usb ports or devices that seem to be causing trouble. One time it turns on after unplugging the mouse - another time after unplugging the printer. Sometimes in one port, sometimes in another. And when I am trying to test it I can't tell if it's turning on because I've just unplugged something or simply because enough time has passed since I first hit the power button. This is my first posting here so I hope I've given useful info and if anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated. The only trouble I had been having with any of my devices was that the mouse (a Logitech cordless laser) would occasionally become erratically responsive, but that hasn't happened in a while.