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why do i have internet access but can't access any websites?

by mtzzzzz - 9/7/13 10:47 PM

Laptop info: vaio E series, windows 7
Two days ago at about 4 pm my computer showed me the FBI scam screen. I looked up ways to get rid of it on my smartphone, and followed norton's steps using Norton Power Eraser. It worked fine, and I got rid of the scam screen by about 6 pm. I accessed the internet to download Microsoft Security Essentials. After it downloaded and I ran a quick scan, I turned off my laptop. At about 9 pm, I turned my laptop back on, and I had internet access, but I couldn't access any websites. I still can't.
On Firefox, nothing loads, not even the start website; it simply shows a blank screen. On chrome (main browser), I type a web address and the screen says that page cannot be loaded. Nothing happens when I click on "reload." If I try to access a website using the chrome apps, it says the app is unreachable. And explorer simply says webpage cannot be displayed.
Please help me, I really need my computer since school just started, and I cannot survive without internet.

PS wifi works on my smartphone, just not on the laptop, and I called the company, so I think the problem comes from the computer.