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Choosing new wireless router (home office/gaming/multi-user)

by frank_des_jardins - 3/10/13 6:31 PM

Hi, I'm new to this forum, hope you guys (and girls) can help. These are the stats of our internet connection: download: 25MB/s upload: 10MB/s. (the bandwidth might become bigger in the future)
We live in a two floor house. There's an internet connection on the top floor and in the basement (wire in the wall) There are up to 10 devices connected at all times (computers and cell-phones) The modem has to be in the basement. The dedicated line is in the basement. There's two wired computers on the top floor for the business and they need high bandwidth for long-range connection to another network. We also need wireless throughout the house. We run MACs and PCs. Maybe we should bridge 2 routers (upper floor and basement) for better wireless coverage? or would you suggest a strong enough router from the basement? Would airport extreme with a bridged airport express be a good idea? Let me know if you have any question. I know this was a lot of information.