STELERA "Wireless" Internet

by braybell1 - 3/6/13 10:50 PM

Stelera sucks and thats about all that can be said!!!!!!

WE had been using them for about 5 months and we've had it!!!!! Finaly got rid of them!! YAY! So much happier now with our faster and more affordable broadband choice of internet happy Elite love love them! you seriously get more for less no joke!!!!!

As for the horror stories of Stelera from day one....let me begin: For starters when we started out in the local office in Montrose, Colorado (keep in mind this office is only contracted with Stelera) We received our Wifi router only to be informed that Stelera has no more "NEW" routers they only refurbish old non working ones and resell them or lend them customers that sign a contract, wich is also, non the less, 1 or 2 year contract!!!! That ight there should have been our warning sign!!! We get home and litterally not even after using it for an hour the dc adapter shorts out. It was Friday evening so we then had to wait for 2 days until we could replace it in the contracted store because I was not about to waste any more money on buying one myself! Once this was resolved every month......not even exagerating.... we would be in the store getting a new adapter or a whole new router! Having them for service was a complete headache we were either on the phone with the crappy cust. serv. reps all the way in Oklahoma or in the contracted office. It was a complete JOKE!!!! When we opted out of our contract they proceeded to tell us that the fee would be 150 dollars, when I had the paper of the contract I signed in front of me that said 75 dollar fee for 1 year contract. They were trying to charge us 75 more for the 2 year contract fee! Flames were coming out of my ears by this time. We had to "PROVE" to them that we had a 1 yr not a 2 yr contract, I had to scan and email my paper work that I thankfully saved, and that really they should have had in their files!!!! Very un-organized and very poor customer service that isnt even available on saturdays or sundays!!!! Please please take into head all of this before you sign on with this low class business that abviously has no idea what they are doing all around!!! VERY DISSAPOINTED "EX" CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!!!! glad to be gone and they wont be missed wink

Dont know if any of you have heard of a internet speed testing website but it works wonders and is super accurate and effeciant! it is give it a try you will either be shocked by how much you are getting ripped off or pleased that you are with a company that is dead on with their speeds!!!

My test outcome for stelera in my area was:
Download speed- 0.25 mbps
Upload speed- 0.04 mbps

Stelera advertises their speeds as follows!
Download speed- 7 mbps
Upload speed- 2.5 mbps

Yep that was my breaking point.....speeds fluctuated alot these were the lowest and it never got above 1.5 for download speed. Elite Broadband is advertising 10 mbpsand we are actually getting 10.57- 11 mbps on a daily basis! Such a drastic change in pace....LITTERALLY!