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Internet keeps disconnecting.

by ramo0o0oN - 2/23/13 2:26 PM

First, let me tell you my story:

More than 2 years ago I could play any game in my Asus laptop with no problems at all. Suddenly, something weird happened: once I started playing a game (for example TF2 or L42) for an hour my internet would disconnect for about 15 seconds, then it would resume my connection and after a minute it would connect again, only to disconnect for 15 seconds again, then resuming my connection for another hour.

This pattern would repeat all day long. Frustrated as I was, I searched for an answer. I tried updating my drivers, searching for malware or spyware and several other tweaks that did not help at all. Then, I saw someone saying that buying an USB adapter could help so I did that. I bought a N900 Wireless Dual Band USB adapter. I plugged it, then I connected to the internet only to find that the same annoying pattern would appear. I was desperate.

In the span of 2 years I moved to 2 different houses, and would spent my vacations in a different city, and yes, the same pattern would appear.

Three months ago I managed to build my first desktop computer. I bought a Trendnet Wireless PC Card to access the internet. The same annoying pattern would appear. After some weeks I disabled the Wireless PC Card and plugged an Ethernet Cable that was connected to the router.

And the annoying pattern was long gone. I was happy for a while, but since the holidays where over I returned to my third house and since the router was in another room I had to use a third adapter which my room mate lend it to me after I told him my story. Yeah, the disconnection problems returned.

Now I moved again, but now the router is in my room. I have the Ethernet cable connected to my desktop and the same damn pattern is happening which is puzzling me since in my home city that didn't happened.

So to summarize the information.

I have been living in 4 different house in the same city, spending my vacations on a different city with 2 different ISPS, I have used 2 adapters and 2 wireless cards (one in the laptop, the other one in my desktop) always having the same problem.

My laptop is an Asus X83V. It has an Intel(R) Wifi Link 5100 AGN build on it. It came with Windows Vista then I upgraded it to Windows 7. The problem started since I had my laptop with Windows Vista.
My desktop has Windows 7 and for the Ethernet I'm using the Realtek PCIe GBE Family controller that is built in my mobo.

One of the adapters is the Netgear N900 Wireless Dual Band Usb, my room mate lost the second one.

Right now my router is the SBG900 Wireless Surfboard Gateway from Motorola.

So if you can help me guys, I would be very thankful. And if you need more information just ask.