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Odd problem with internet connection

by MikeMikeZ - 1/29/13 10:26 AM

Hello all,

today, all day, i try to connect to the internet through my desktop and i cant. The funny thing is that i have 2 laptops and 1 mobile connected in my modem's wifi and works perfectly. My modem is connected to my desktop, all lights are up, but i cant reach any website.

I tried the 10 sec reset while removing power, restarted my pc, scanned my pc for viruses (webroot antivirus) but nothing worked.

For some reason i cant run "antimalware bytes" programm as it shuts down on its own, but i dont think there might be a malware that webroot cant detect.

So i keep searching till now on the internet for solutions, and i saw a very old post about pinging on browser. So i tried it (put my IP on the bar of browser) but nothing happened (i cant open modems configuration). Also i run IPCONFIG /ALL in cmd and the only "near to mine" IP i saw was a line "IPv4"

Now 2 things to "default gate" is empty in cmd and in the post i found i saw that u mustnt have and IP starting with 169.xx.xx cause then you have something corrupted..sadly the post was old enough and it had solutions only till windows XP

I run windows Vista and i didnt have this problem till today
Also, the last thing that i did tonight was executing a command in cmd that decrease the size of RAM used by programms to 2GB (down from 3)..i had increased the size cause a game "PlanetSide2" wanted 3GB of RAM to i uninstalled it and i reseted to 2GB, dont know if this has something to do with my internet connectivity.

If anyone knows anything please i need your help!!

Thank you!!