Resolved question

Wireless Router and Internet Phone Service

by djay903 - 12/27/11 5:20 PM

We have been looking into getting the wireless phone service such as MagicJack in our home. I am not sure if I need to increase my internet speed as well as upgrading my wireless router. I have a linksys N router 2.4 ghz,that is not that new and also a new cisco modem that I got from the cable company. My internet speed is 12mb. The problem is with what I have now, I lose my internet connection on my laptops/devices or cannot get on at all, I don't want that to happen if I am on a phone call. We also have 5 different wireless devices- phones/printers/laptops- that access our internet sometimes all at once or at different times. I can lose my connection, even if there is only one device too.
Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks