Internet Connection Problems

by polaris6 - 10/8/09 6:25 PM

I have an unusual situation..

I have a PC, with XP(3), plenty of HD space, etc.

I also have a Linksys wireless router through which I connect two laptops and a desktop with wireless adapters; the desktop has a Linksys wireless adapter; the one laptop had a Netgear wireless adapter and the other laptop has a Linksys wireless adapter.

I have no trouble connecting to the internet with each of the laptops; the signals are strong and the connection process is straight forward.

Last week, all of a sudden, the desktop failed to connect to the internet through the router, although the two laptops connect flawlessly. I replaced the desktop adapter with one that I knew worked and I observed that the signal from the router was strong, but I could not make a connection (this connection is made through one of the slots on the motherboard). I replaced the wireless adapter on the desktop with a D-Link wireless adapter I use frequently on my laptops when I travel. This adapter connects through the USB port.

In each case (motherboard connection and USB connection), I get the signal that the desktop is connected to the router (and I can monitor that signal strength to confirm that), but I cannot get connected to my browser (IE7 or Firefox), or my mail (OE6).

I would appreciate any help and/or direction that is aailable.

Thanks you


I called Linksys and they tell me that my warranty has expired, but for a fee, they might be able to 'fix' this situation.

I seem to have tried everything that I know worked in the past, to no avail. Is there something wrong with the desktop computer