broadcom 802.11g network adapter connection problems

by nts21 - 10/24/08 10:30 AM

hi i have Lenovo laptop. it was with windows Vista, but i downgrated to windows XP. i had problems with the wireless driver, but everythig was ok when i installed broadcom 802.11g network adapter. (the lenovo care program downloaded and fixed for me). my internet connection was workin for a little while and then stoped. i restarted my laptop and i am not able to connect anymore. the computer tells me that one or more wireless networks are available-but it also says that wireless connection is unavailable.i uninstalled and the installed the broadcom 802.11g network adapter again but no result. my cable connection is working fine. i know that the problem is NOT in the router i have (it's Belkin anyway) , as there are some more laptops connected to the same one and they are working i don't know what the problem is.
thank you for your help.