Which router for satellite internet?

by cathrynm47 - 12/20/07 2:22 PM

We recently got satellite internet (all we can get in rural area, aside from dial-up). When I asked how we hook up all 3 of our computers to receive interest, it was suggested I go wireless and use a router, a Linksys wireless G. A couple of weeks ago what I thought was the satellite went down. In troubleshooting with the satellite company, it turns out it's the router malfunctioning and I need to replace it. Of course the satellite place doesn't recommend using routers and I'm having trouble getting a good recommendation as to which router--or whether there is another way to hook up the three 3 computers. Two are PCs (each in separate rooms) and the 3rd is a Mac. All are newer. The PCs are running XP and the Mac is running 10.4.8. Any suggestions?