Cheap wireless access on the go

by friedworm - 2/19/07 6:42 PM

I would like to have access to the web while I'm out of the house but only need it occasionally. I use a pre-paid cell phone and have been happy with it since I rarely use it. I'd love to me able to get web access while I'm in the car to quickly search for an address or look up something using a search engine.

What are my options for accessing the web while travelling without signing up for an expensive cell plan with internet access added to it? I don't currently have a laptop but do plan on getting one in the next few months. I have DSL at home but not wireless.

I'm not too concerned about the cost of the device I'll need to run it. I just don't want to pay ongoing costs for something that I only use now and then.

Thanks for any help you can provide.