Linksys wre54g version 2 troubleshooting

by Funkleberry - 9/23/06 4:54 PM

My problem was failing to connect a wre54g range expander to my Belkin wireless network.

The setup CD and auto configuration were useless in my case.

However, Linksys's helpline were very helpful on a late Saturday night and definitely worth contacting.

The solution was about an hour on the phone and a fully manual configuration which I had to complete twice before we got everything completed in the right order.

Linksys advise that in addition to Linksys wireless routers the wre54g has been tested for:

a. Cisco AP1230
b. D-Link DI-784 2.36
c. Netgear WGR614v4 5.0_02

The solution in the Belkin case was to attach the wre54g to my ethernet PC via ethernet cable but also to use one of my wireless PC's in the overall config process.

In addition to many ipconfig changes we also had to make sure that we had all latest firmware and had to reset the wre54g unit at least a couple of times holding the reset button for at least 30 seconds.

There isn't room here to explain all of the steps but suffice to say, while the user guide and setup cd were of no help, with helpdesk support and patience, it is possible to manually configure this wre54g unit to work effectively with non-linksys routers.