Slightly odd latency behaviour on 28.8 dialup connection.

by EtherealConstruct - 7/17/10 3:12 PM

Hello everyone,

I have a bit of a question for the forums here. I am using a 28.8Kbaud dial-up connection at home -- and have been for many years -- but recently I've begun to notice some odd behaviour in my transfer rates and latency. Before I continue, I should note that I cannot confirm if this is new behaviour; until recently I never really paid any attention to my connection behaviour.

In essence, the behaviour that I have noticed is for me to get a constant 3,000B/s when transferring data, say, when downloading a file. It is spot-on at 3,000B/s for about thirty seconds, whereupon it halts transferring. Literally stop -- the transfer lights stop flashing on my external modem. Then, about ten seconds later, the transfer begins again, as if nothing ever happened.

I can reproduce this behaviour across three different modems (two internal: a Lucent WinModem, and a Conexant HSF softmodem, one external: an Actiontec EX560LKU) on three different computers. The three computers are:

- HP Pavilion desktop, running MEPIS Linux
- Acer Aspire laptop, running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Debian GNU/Linux (unstable/amd64, testing/i386), Ubuntu Linux, and Arch Linux.
- MSI Wind netbook, running Windows XP and Debian GNU/Linux.

My question to you is, therefore, is this normal behaviour for dial-up, or is it an artefact of my location and relative proximity to the location I am dialing in to? It is quite obviously not a configuration issue -- I have reconfigured, reset the serial communication speed, enabled and disabled compression (software and hardware), and in general tweaked the connection settings as much as I can.

I can definitely live with the latency, but it is getting rather annoying now that I have begun using the internet at home a little more.

Thank you for your time, and I apologize for the length of this message.

- Ethereal