Connecting to the Internet Problem

by ~Kris~ - 11/18/09 5:00 PM

My computer will go through dial-up and then "appear" to be connected to the internet. However the browser, you know the little Netzero toolbar thing that Says 'Search' and has that picture of the inbox on it. That browser won't show up and no page will either.

Then I have tried going onto internet explorer but it says it's not connected to te internet and when I try going someone anyway, the brighten icon of netzero on the buttom toolbar goes dull and it "disconnects". I was told by my dad's friend that it's probably the local server, which is out, but it's been three days now...

My dad's friend says that netzero will probably work if we connect my dad's laptop to our modem and phone line. Will this work or does anyone know a way to fix netzero without going through all the trouble of reinstalling it on the laptop? Please help!