Earthlink loaded malware on my computer

by slow-poke - 11/5/09 10:37 AM

I'm usually quite happy to trade the slow speed of a dial-up connection for the lower price. I don't really need a fast connection for most of what I do. I have Earthlink dial-up, though, and have been increasingly unhappy with the company for a while now.

Two days ago, when I visited their website for other reasons, I noticed an offer for a high-speed DSL connection and decided to check it out just out of curiosity. Once I had entered the information they required before they would give me any details, though, I decided I didn't like the terms and closed the browser window.

Immediately, my dial-up connection slowed to a crawl. How do I know? I keep the dialog window for my external modem open at all times to check for problems with my connection. For two days, nothing I did solved the slow connectivity problem. Supposedly, I had a connection with more than 5kbs coming into my computer, but by downloading several photos from friends and watching my Downloads window, I could see that I was never getting more than an average of 3kbs.

I tried different local dial-up phone numbers. Guess what? I was stuck with a slower than slow connection.

So, today, I reloaded the most recent update to my operating system, which included all of the relevant updates to my browser and various security updates.

Problem solved.

Thanks Earthlink. I'll probably be looking for a new ISP now.