Lantronix UDS2100

by Rockaposhi - 10/14/09 6:49 AM

Here are the details of the Lantronix UDS 2100
Two DB9M DTE serial ports supporting RS232, RS422 and RS485

I am trying to setup Lantronix modem External Device Server on my LAN. I have installed a software called CPR manager 4.2.0 on a PC which came with the device. Using that software, i have discovered the device(which is connected to the LAN and has an IP address) and assigned comm port 4 on that pc to the port 2 of the device. On port 2 of the device, I have attached a v.92 faxmodem, over one of two Rs-232 ports. I can receive fax on this line but i cant send out fax or dial out to an ISP, i have tried at least 3 different dialup ISPS. I can simply dial a number using that line. When i query the modem using windows control pannel, results are successfull.

Can anyone piont me to the right direction as i think i am missing some kind of config while dialing out.

Your help will be highly appreciated.