Be Careful of Vonage

by mswatcher - 3/26/09 8:37 AM

Last weekend I called around and called Vonage America to inquire about a dial up trial which was informed they were going to send me the package and bill me after 30 days trial.

Three days later I had 45 debits from my checking account.

44 times of $11.01
1 of 24.48 Start up fee

thus adding an overdraft fee and stop payment fee because of overdrafts it would have effected for payments that I have authorized and still have not had my situation resolved from peoples bank.

It is crazy that this happened and also that a bank would allow all these fees to go through.

I am writing to warn you about this company and help avoid trouble with anyone else about this in the future and have chosen a more reputable broadband AT&T service for my business.

Did anyone else have this happen to them and how did they best resolve it.

Very frustrated in Connecticut.