NetZero's total disregard for customers.

by Dutchman07 - 3/13/09 3:44 PM

In December my wife purchased a new laptop with a Windows Vista 64-bit operating system. Whenever she tried to load the OnLine program disk, it would search through all the access numbers leaving the message "Remote modem not responding." During the course of 2 months, I emailed NetZero Customer Support 27 times! They actually responded 13 times. They sent 6 OnLine program disks of various versions each time stating "Rest assured NetZero is completely compatable with Windows Vista 64-bit OS." The last 3 emails they sent all stated they were forwarding the problem to a "Senior Technician" and would respond shortly. That was in February.

Long story short, we have since subscribed to DSL Internet. I sent ALL the emails about this problem (at the same time....load the outbox first then go online) along with a letter and attachment of a pic showing 12 of their disks hanging from a dead Palo Verde tree with fishing line. The email subject was "NetZero in blossom!" About 15 minutes after I sent everything I received a standard form email back from them stating that they were forwarding the problem to a "Senior Technician". I wanted to write back "Where in India is this Senior Technician?" but just blocked and bounced it back. Talk about an 'ignorant, I could care less' attitude. You know they're losing customers with Mark Goldstein advertising every other commercial break on TV. Absolutely the worst ISP!!! Do yourself a favor....they don't exist!