update dialup modem drivers without cd

by jaydog63 - 1/14/09 7:02 PM


i have a win xp pro pc that has a conexant d850 56k v.9x dfvc modem. i've had some trouble with it, so i removed the modem, stuck it back in, the modem "add hardware" wanted to run but...it got stuck on "put in cd for drivers". this is my problem. i'm on dial up, so i can't connect to the internet to get the drivers without this modem and i don't have the cd.(got this pc used.) is there anyway i can use a different pc, go to the driver update website, download the updates to a cd and use that cd when it asks me to "put in cd for drivers"?? or...should i just go to walmart and buy a new dial up modem?? thanks for the help.