Internet speed fluctuations

by rob1treez - 7/6/12 2:46 PM

I've been with a company named Zigwireless for about a year now and started noticing speed fluctuations. This hasn't happened the first few months I had it. I checked all cables and connections. I also connected the cable coming from outside directly into my pc, but the problem remains. My son can't play any real-time games anymore without pulling his hair out. I've called the isp tech. but she had little to say, except I have a perfect signal and she wasn't sure what was happening. I havent changed any of the equipment that I had since joining Zigwirelss, so I know its not my equipment, but what's with the sudden fluctuation.
Another thing, I was told that my speed peaks every 90 sec. but, like I said, This problem just started happening.

Thanks in advance for any help on my issue..