Cloud Backup

by jhobbs - 7/29/11 1:50 PM is offering an unlimited capacity backup service at $5.00/month, for Charter customers. Data is transferred at about 1MBps or faster, and each household computer is separately identified, so my backups are separate from my wife's. There is an on-line file upload capability for individual files, and ways to share files.

That's the pre-sales pitch. Sounded good, so I'm signed up.

Then I discovered that the backup won't work if you identify a folder larger than about 10GB to download. The backup software says "Your current backup selection exceeds the maximum size allowed by this application ..."

So I chatted with Charter Support, who didn't know anything about the problem, and they couldn't tell me the maximum size folder the backup will handle. But they submitted a ticket to Digidata for me, and Digidata called back to suggest I limit the size of the backup to 10GB or less. Any number of 10GB backups is tolerated, but if you have a folder (like My Documents) that exceeds 10GB, you have to divide it up.

I've used Carbonite and a couple of others on this computer, without any problems regarding the size of the folders to be backed up. The Digidata limitations are ridiculous, IMHO. I might keep the Cloud service for another day or two to experiment with it, but i'm pretty sure it's going to be cancelled. I just wanted to alert anyone who is considering this backup mechanism.