C2 Bundle DSL by Cavalier Telephone

by Mich240 - 5/9/08 8:46 AM

Is Cavalier C2 Bundle DSL a deal or no deal? Are there better priced DSL ISPs out there? I am currently using dial-up (AOL) and a Dell Desktop Dimension L800r Windows ME. I am getting a roommate but the deal-breaker is I must have WiFi. I have Cavalier unlimited local for $24.95 (after taxes, fees etc $47) but now they are offering C2 DSL Bundle for $50 including unlimited long-distance. Any opinions of this ISP Cav-tel are appreciated. The Cav-tel sales rep was clueless if my current desktop could handle C2 DSL. My question can it? If yes, how do I get WiFi? or better yet, how do I setup this DSL and WiFi? Any recommendations on routers etc are appreciated as well.