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MAMP Pro Symlinked httpsdocs httpdocs

by jcbbuller - 6/16/13 9:08 PM

I'm doing some work for a local company that uses Oscommerce for their online store, which currently isn't working and I think needs to be installed. The company uses and SSL certificate and has both a httpsdocs and httpdocs folder in their root folder on their hosting server. I tried downloading their sites content and setting it up on my local server using MAMP Pro but when I try and access the site on my local server it gives me a "403 Forbidden You dont' have permission to access / on this server." I've set up a self-signed SSL certificate to mimic the one they have set up on this server but when I get the 403 error I also get a red https with a line going through it. The self signed certificates are located in the root folder, outside of the httpsdocs and httpdocs folders.

If you have any information on how to setup a local site that accesses both the httpsdocs and httpdocs folders, as well as how to get it to register a self signed SSL certificate using MAMP Pro I would really appreciate it. MAMP Pro's support forum takes for ever to register/accept a post, and I don't have forever. Thanks!