Resolved question

SkyDrive on Mac won't go past the "choose a location..."

by Steve Watkins - 5/18/13 1:56 PM

SkyDrive on my Mac has suddenly quit working. It quit recognizing the SkyDrive folder. Eventually, I deleted SkyDrive, including the SkyDrive folder, and tried to start over. However, now the application won't go past the "choose a location for your SkyDrive folder" dialog box. It does not matter what I choose, when I press "Next," it returns me to the choose a location dialog. I have a MacBook Pro and have replaced the optical drive with a second hard drive. I have tried choosing locations on both internal hard drives, with the same result.

To add insult to injury, I can't post this on the MS forums today because they are apparently having some problems--pressing "submit" does nothing. I tried it on several browsers, including IE on Windows 8, with the same result. So, typical MS - problems, then more problems prevent you from reporting the previous problems....