Resolved question

Lost email in Thunderbird / update INBOX

by T125PH541 - 2/9/13 11:38 AM

Last night as I was checking my email, all of a sudden all my inbox emails were GONE! only few from last week remained. This was on IMAP account and only INBOX was effected. All my other accounts and folders were OK. After doing some research online I found out many people had the same problem with no clear solution. Fortunately for me, I happened to use my old Apple Mail client where I kept all missing messages. So I imported them into Thunderbird, they were placed in LOCAL folders however. So I tried to put files INBOX and INBOX.msf into my main IMAP folder, with a limited success. When starting up TB I did get the correct message list, for a moment only, and after 1 sec it goes back to it's old corrupted list. There has to be another setting or file telling TB what it should display rather than what it is. And BTW, messages after the switch in a new INBOX appear to be all correct, when I select one which is marked Read it was displayed as if it was not read, just like it should be in the new INBOX file. Any ideas? OSX 10.5.8, TB 16.0.2