Other people cannot send e-mails to my Yahoo account!

by HvS273 - 3/29/13 6:57 PM

Hello everybody,
I just discovered a severe fault of my e-mail account:
Other people are telling me that they cannot send e-mails to me! My e-mail address (HvS273@yahoo.de) seems to be blocked for them, they get their e-mail back as undeliverable!
Two people told me that this happened in the last two days, but now I am wondering if there are many other people who made the same experience earlier and in due course cut their relations to me...?
I now remember another case some weeks ago when I saw an e-mail from a friend just arriving, but it disappeared when I wanted to open it. I blamed that on a misfunction of my touchpad that might have eliminated the e-mail, but now I am beginning to wonder whether this is a common misfunction of my provider Yahoo!?!
Does anybody have an answer to this?
Thank you in advance!