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Ourtlook Express and 1&1 email problem

by Peborgh - 1/3/13 2:58 AM

I have OE 6 under Win XP.
My wife uses email accounts with 1and1, IMAP-style.
A few weeks ago she found that outgoing emails get stuck in the Outbox and do not go until she closes down the computer and starts it up again (restart on its own dos not work!?), not just OE.
Sometimes she gets a message that the server cannot tbe found, but not always.
Please request more details if necessary and I will try to clarify further. Sending out emails under 1and1's webmail works fine.
I am on another computer that uses 1and1 for email (OE6, Win XP) on the same Intenet connection, but POP3-style and I have no problems there at all.
Help! Please.