Resolved question

why my yahoo email page keeps coming back after I x out

by imgrateful_1 - 8/5/12 3:37 PM

This is a random incident, but only happens when i'm in yahoo email. I leave the page by x ing out but then pops back up by itself. Really strange. I have never had this happen x ing out of any other webpage. It happened today. i'm not sure if it is what might cause this, but today I went to the email page from my yahoo messenger list. Would this be the reason? Is it a computer issue? I think it warrents knowing what is going on! Other times I sign into yahoo via the internet page and access email that way. You can point to the envelope to actually see what is in the email. Very convenient as sometimes there isn't anything important showing to choose to go right to email. If anyone might have an idea of what is going on , I would be glad to find out. Thanks! imgrateful_1 always.