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I need an auto-dialer program to check for disconnected #s

by joshtrico - 7/11/12 8:36 AM

I have a large database of contacts, but many of the phone numbers are disconnected/ out of service. I would like to be able to run an auto-dialer program on a computer with a modem (NOT VOIP, just dial out from a modem) that would just dial the list of numbers just to detect if it gets an out-of-service message or if the call goes through and is a good number. I've done a ton of searching around already, but every auto-dialer program I've encountered is a fancy expensive system that plays automated messages and routes calls to live telemarketers, etc. All I want is a simple program that checks if a phone number is good or if it's a disconnected number, and let me know in the results log, and I don't want to pay an outlandish amount of money for something designed for professional telemarketing companies that does a lot more and is much more difficult to set up. Is there anything out there for my purposes?