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Friend not recieving any of my emails?!

by Teezer - 3/4/12 10:15 AM

Hi all, quite a long one, sorry.

I used to have no problems sending emails to my friend up until August last year when i stopped getting responses. I sent about 4 emails during the next few months and finally got a reply but the reply was from my friend saying they hadnt heard from me for months and was i ignoring them now. I replied to the email but again the month after i recieved a similar email asking how i was and why i hadnt emailed back.

Ive done a few things to get an email to them ie, set up a few other email accounts including hotmail, gmail and yahoo and emailed (this didnt seem to work and again a while after i recieved a similar email from them making out i hadnt replied??). I used read to see if any of my emails had been opened which even till today havent been opened or read. I also made sure that an email i sent wasnt viewed as spam by gmails over the top security concious spam bots!

My emails are being sent and are in my sent folder and i dont get any bounce back. The email they use is gmail and i have heard that it has problems with blocking emails from coming through even to the point of not even sending to junk.

I have no other way of contacting this person and i gave up on it all a few months ago until i recieved another email about a week ago asking again why its been so long that ive emailed, and so i decided to look into it again. If it wasnt for the fact that they do keep emailing me i would assume they just were ignoring the emails but that genuinly doesnt seem to be the reason.

Does anyone have any ideas on what i can do to contact this person or find another way of contact. Or even an explanation on why NO email i send seems to get through, i cant even contact gmail to take a look at her account as all they have is the forum which is no help and change security settings or email her to check them cause i cant get nothing through.

Any help would be awesome as its been a loooong frusturating annoyance for me.