GMail POP3 Wizard is Astonishing!

by akhenatonelmarna - 11/18/04 11:28 PM

After Google upgraded GMail beta to handle POP3, I immediately logged in to my GMail account to add it to my Outlook Express. I am used to the tedious step-at-a-time process of entering POP3 and smtp codes and addresses and configuring a new account. Google stunned me! They offerd a Wizard and it asked if I wanted to set up my POP3, to which I clicked "yes". Then, it was zzzzzzip! ... Finish! Since then Gmail has worked flawlessly and is fully integrated into my Outlook Express. I tell 'ya ... Gmail is nothing short of awesome. With a gig of storage space and the powerful Google search alogorythm, there is no need for me to save emails to folders anymore and absolutely zero hassle in retrieving them. When Google opens Gmail to the world, they will dominate overnight!