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VisTablet stopped gliding as a cursor (only acts w/ contact)

by seacretcie - 3/18/12 7:38 PM


I recently got a VisTablet for my laptop. I had been using it for a few days with the plug-n-play feature, but then the pen stopped gliding as a cursor when hovering over the pad. I can activate the 'move canvas" function and then hover and move the canvas, but I cannot get it to glide without pad contact or a command like "move canvas."

Every function like double click ect. works, and it even registers the pen when it does hover if it is performing the canvas drag, but it wont automatically glide when I am trying to use it as a cursor while I hold it an inch over the pad.

However, pad contact always means a 'click' of some sort, so you can imaging how frustrating it is to try to draw while constantly clicking things or marking things when you are just trying to find your cursor place.

I have looked everywhere for a setting or preference that relates to cursor behavior (rather than click/draw/contact related behavior) and I cant find anything anywhere.

I tried to uninstall the tablet drivers, but the computer insisted that there was another installation going on... ?

I thought this might have to do with the new avast that I installed the day it stopped working (after I uninstalled norton when it's free trial ran out). I restored back to the date before I installed avast, since I had no important things happen since then, but that didnt work. I thought it would be unlikely anyways.

I looked up all preferences for tablets for the computer itself and for VisTablet, and found nothing for cursor gliding.

I am using a 12" VisTablet with a Boss Pen and have used the plug-n-play feature only.

I am working on:

HP Pavilion dv7 notebook PC
Windows 7 Home Premium
Service Pack 1
64-bit OS

It shows "pen input available" but again, I am having these issues.

Any ideas? You would be making my day if this could be figured out! I even contacted VisTablet a few days ago, but no response as of yet.