For those with fuzzy, distorted, discolored text recently

by Steven Haninger - 4/15/13 5:36 AM

I began experiencing this intermittently after installing IE10 but found that reverting back to IE9 did not fix the problem. What you'll see on some web sites is text which appear to have problems with color convergence...that is letters may have multiple colors or appear fuzzy. The workaround is to disable hardware acceleration in browsers such as Firefox. You may need to do the equivalent in IE. This anomaly now appears to be related to


which does affect graphics. This update is optional but is automatically downloaded and performed with an update to IE10. Removing IE10 does not remove the platform upgrade that comes along with it but, if you remove KB2670838 by itself, IE10 is also removing leaving you back at IE9.

You'll see in the link that some AMD/Radeon cards are not compatible with the platform upgrade but I've found reports that other older Radeon cards are also affected. Mine is a HD4000 series and definitely is affected by the upgrade.

This Bugzilla report shows more about the issue and also has some examples

but for those affected, the options appear to be either disable hardware acceleration, buy a new and compatible graphics card, or get rid of the platform update.