Resolved question

Firefox acting strange

by BooAngie - 3/3/13 4:33 PM

For the past few days, my Firefox has been acting weird. All of the fonts on Google and the site I use for school are bold. I keep getting bad certificate errors for Paypal and eBay. Some pages won't load the first time I click on them but they'll load the second time. When I try to complete a payment on a website (usually with paypal), it freezes my browser and I have to force close it.
I use Chrome also and I am not having any problems. I ran a virus scan and a MalwareBytes scan and they both came up clear. I am using Firefox 19. I uninstalled and reinstalled it today and I'm still having the same problem.

I have Windows 7 and an HP computer. I can post a screenshot of the exact certificate error also.