FYI: Mozilla Firefox v15.0.1 Fixes Private Browsing Problem

by Carol~ Moderator - 9/7/12 8:51 AM

Mozilla updates Firefox 15 to fix private browsing problem

Mozilla has released an update to version 15 of Firefox to correct a bug in the web browser's Private Browsing feature. Private Browsing is intended to allow users to browse the internet without saving any data about the sites and pages they've visited. However an error in the recent Firefox 15.0 release meant that Firefox was storing sites visited in its cache while Private Browsing was enabled.

According to the Bugzilla entry for the problem, upon turning off Private Browsing mode, this cached information could still be manually accessed or read by using a Firefox add-on such as CacheViewer Continued or other tools.

Firefox 15.0.1 is available to download for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux from the project's site. Existing users should receive an automated update notification; alternatively, users can manually check for the update.

For Additional Details See: Mozilla Firefox v15.0.1 Released - September 06, 2012