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Does anyone know the name of this P2P sharing software?

by Sournoodles89 - 7/6/12 7:55 AM

Hi. I'm trying to re-look for a certain sharing program I used to use on my laptop. Recently, I had to do a system recovery(which is different from "system restore") and saved all the things I wanted to keep except for the sharing software. Before I did the recovery, I was looking to see if I originally had a setup file for the sharing software because I thought it would only work again if I just set it up again.

Well, I couldn't find a setup file on my computer, so I thought that once I was done with the system recovery I'll just go on the internet again and download it again. And I thought I would remember the name very easily so I didn't think it was necessary for me to write it down. Plus, I usually have a fairly good memory.

So once the computer was recovered, and got on the internet, then typed in what I thought I remember being the name of the program I just couldn't find it.

Okay, here's some description about the software.
1.) I really think it's a P2P software because it seemed to act like other p2p programs(which I didn't like as much). Also, people did share their files just like other p2p programs.

2.) For the title of the software, I know it has the word either "download" or "downloader" as part of its name. I think it fills in most of the name. And by the way, it is not "Vdownloader" or "Jdownloader". Those are totally different programs. When I tried to search the original name, I thought it might've been HQdownloader or something like that but nothing came up about it except for "Youtube Downloader HQ" and "File Download HQ" but none of those are it. Well, anyways the word "download" or "downloader" is what I know is in the title.

3.) The program did have an icon picture which was also
probably its desktop icon picture. Here's what the picture looked like: It looked like a small piece of paper with either a red dot or some kind of red shape on the bottom right corner of the paper. The red thing was smaller than paper itself.

AND I've been really trying to find this thing but it seems really hard for some reason. I've tried to looking on many lists for like the best P2P software(top 10, top 100, top whatever, even on wikipedia), couldn't see it. I've tried looking on cnet downloads search engine for a while, so far I don't see it. This program was really great in my opinion and I'm kinda surprised that I haven't found it any lists yet. It seemed like there were plenty of users on there too. If I anybody has any questions, I will try to the best of my ability to answer them to help you out. And next time I'm going to write the names of things for myself more often so that I won't forget.Thanks and good luck!