Firefox to turn on default encryption for Google searches

by MarkFlax Moderator - 4/1/12 2:47 AM

March 21, 2012

IDG News Service - Mozilla is currently testing default encrypted Google searches for all Firefox users, with the intent to make all Google searches encrypted in the near future, the browser maker said on Wednesday.

"We are currently testing the change to use SSL for built-in Google searches in our Firefox nightly channel," said Johnathan Nightingale, senior director of Firefox engineering, in an email. "If no issues are uncovered, it will move through our Aurora and Beta release channels before eventually shipping to all our Firefox users. This will include migrating the changes to our non-English version of Firefox, as well."

Google is the default search engine used by Firefox. There is no official word from Mozilla, however, on exactly when it will switch Firefox end users to default encrypted Google searches. Once the feature ends up on the Aurora and Beta release channels it will be generally available soon after, Mozilla said. The browser maker noted that development for each release channel could take up to six weeks

Google already rolled this out for "Signed in" users only, viz;

"As of March 8 Google started rolling out default-encrypted searches for signed-in users only. Standard encrypted Google searches were added to the Firefox Nightly Build last Sunday, apparently with Google's approval."

What does this mean for Firefox users?

If the testing works and identifies no problems in Firefox beta or testing versions, then Mozilla is likely to roll this out in one of its future Firefox updates.I assume this will make searching more secure and less liable to rogue and malicious web sites being listed.